Creating an Epic Matte Painting Shot, Advanced Techniques with Igor Staritsin


Ladies and Gentlemen!

I’m extremely happy to announce that my gnomon tutorial was released yesterday!

It’s 464 minutes length tutorial that covers everything that one has to know in order to become a strong matte-painter! I wanted to make this tutorial different from other ones in the library. Demonstrating artistic essentials that will help aspiring artists improve their paintings by paying attention to the necessary details and subordinating the rest. I’m constantly referring to traditional art and fundamentals, since I believe the secret of successful art lies in there and one cannot have too much knowledge of that!

I also show a lot of technical aspects such as modeling architectural pieces, creating waterfalls in Maya using fluid system, modeling geometry for projection and setting up camera projection in Nuke. In the end, I’m working on final comp establishing the final look of the shot!

This lecture will definitely be useful and helpful for artists of all the levels. Beginners will be able to get in depth understanding of how things work overall, whereas in hands of experienced painters this can be a great source of new tips and tricks along with new high-end techniques for their matte paintings and shots!


Make sure you purchase the tutorial from here -

Creating an Epic Matte Painting Shot, Advanced Techniques with Igor Staritsin

Thanks everyone!


Awesome stuff) It is so awesome to see you up there at gnomon) Big congrats :slight_smile:

Looking forward to look at this one. I would love to learn how to implement animation stuff in my work)


Thanks for the kind words Alik!

I’m sure it will be useful and animation part is deeply covered in there as well :slight_smile:



Hello there!

I purchased the Gnomon Tutorial a few weeks ago and I’m about 4 chapters in, and just wanted to say that it’s awesome! It’s so great to be getting some fundamental art tips and inspirational quotes in the mix too, while watching the painting magically evolve!

I’m just curious if you’ve thought about starting a WIP thread for the tutorial somewhere? I’m intending to follow along, one step at a time, and although I always start tutorial work with the best intentions, unfortunately I fall apart without some external factor keeping me on track.

Naturally my ulterior motive would be if you just “happened” to come by the thread from time to time to check in, it would be amazing to get some small bits of feedback along the way. But I understand that there could be hundreds of submissions on such a forum, making it quite impossible for you to manage, so it’s probably just wishful thinking on my part. :slight_smile:

In any case, thanks again for the great tutorial, Igor!



Congratulations Igor.
It is fantastic to see your career unfolding and watch all the great stuff you’re doing.
Keep up the good work, and good luck with your new job as well.

Hope you enjoy Hungary.
Take lots of pictures while you’re there!!


Hi Torrance,

Sorry for not replying any sooner, was extremely busy with dozens of things!

Thanks a lot for your kind words, glad you like the turorial!

As a matter of fact, your idea is pretty good and could be useful for a lot of people, in a sense of improving their art by following mentor’s instructions.
Since the tutorial belongs to Gnomon Workshop, I will suggest this to administration and see if we can come up with something

You can also check David’s course, it a great one!



Hi Milan,

Thank you very much for your kind words and support, much appreciated!

I’ve already taken some nice photos and keep taking more:) Autumn is wonderful here, very beautiful! Looking forward to see all the other seasons and take some other epic pictures :slight_smile:

Thanks again and all the best to you!


Are you still in Hungary then?
That Cinematic team you’re on is impressive.
Keep up the good work.


Yeah, still here!
Thanks! There is a lot going on here these days, but it’s all good!
Summer is coming, must be great! :slight_smile: