Creating a pavement texture


I’m looking to find a tutorial or some process to make real looking pavement. Nothing cheese with a lot of noise and a few oil and dirt patterns on it. Something that’s very close to the real thing would be ideal


their site seems to be down at the moment, but has a walkthrough .mov of how they made a pavement texture from scratch using some grunge maps from the surface tookit. Mind you, they sell the surface toolkit, but watching the process, i’m sure you could get a handle on how to make one up on your own with your own maps. If you have access to a digital camera i’d recommend snapping some rough textured surfaces, and follow along with the dvgarage tutorial. If their site comes back up soon, i can give you the exact link.

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hey vigoro its back up. Where is the section on the site?


Grrr. I still can’t connect here. I believe it’s called the "something Weekly Series. There’s a whole bunch of videos that deal with compositing, and a few of them are texturing lessons. There’s a wooden crate example, and a scratched metal example, and then one about creating a paved parking lot.I’ll keep trying to connect. But hopefully you’ll track it down.


would it be this

maybe try and connect to this


Jeez, i don’t know what’s up with their site, although i did connect to that short clip but that wasn’t it. This one i’m talking about is close to 5 minutes long…it has parking space lines, oil stains, cracks, a bump map…i’m building it up an awful lot i realize. :slight_smile:



use the IP address insted of the URL and see if that works. If anything just to a ping command in DOS and see if you get a packet loss


Here’s the url to the specific tutorial that was mentioned above:

You need to sign up as a member to view it though. But it’s free.



I would watch all the DVGarage Vids if I were you (everyone infact). There’s lots of gems in them… and they are hardly a tast of the Pixel Corps Online.


Yup, i agree JDex. There’s some good info in a lot of their material.
Have a look in the “Garage” section in particular.


WOW, this site is great! I just learned a new tip. Thanks alot guys. Perfect resource!!! :thumbsup:


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