Creating a mesh from scan data



I went and used a body scanner last week and have the scan data in .bin, .rbd and .wrl file formats.
I had hoped I would be able to import this data directly into ZBrush to create a poly mesh which I could then re-topologise to bring to Maya, however I’ve not used ZBrush before and it doesn’t appear that I can do this.
Does anybody have a workflow for getting a mesh from this data?

Thanks in anticipation.



Can you import it into Maya? What kind of node sits in the node editor when you do - does it have world positions of points?


No, it doesn’t import into Maya. It says “Unrecognised File Format”
The files will hold world positions as point cloud data, but I need to create a mesh from this.


Maybe you can use the Realflow bin importer if you have one, Im way out of the loop with this one but there are a couple of options if you can get it into Maya. One might be to attach the world positions into particles positions and then run an isomesh on the nPArticles. Another method but less likely to work is to use SOuPs pointCloudToMesh node, this relies on the order of points to draw mesh data and so something as random as scan data point cloud probably wont give nice results.


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