Create null at selection axis


Hi - I seem to remember there being a command/script that could do this, but can’t seem to find it. Basically I want to make a null at the currently defined axis (it’s not the object axis, just the selected edges). Ring any bells? I realise I can do this with a bunch of splits/steps but I’m hoping for a one-click command.

Thanks! C


How about:

  1. Workplane tools > align workplane to selection.
  2. create null
  3. Align workplane to Y

OK - it’s 3 steps : )


Just the ticket thanks Mike!


One click without the cleanup.

1- select points, edges or polygons
2- create cluster from the character/command menu



Step up and take the trophy! - that’s a very neat tip.
Character animation isn’t really my thing - and I’m sure there’s so much in that menu I don’t know about!


I’d like to thank the academy…and last but not least, brewers yeast.

Actually discovered this one using Maya years ago and was relieved to see it worked just as well in C4D–not that I consider myself a Maya man by any stretch of the imagination.


Damn I missed this reply - thanks for the tip. Mike’s worked best in this case though as his keeps the orientation too - which is crucial here. But very handy nonetheless.


Actually - there’s a modifier (undocumented?), if you hold Shift as you’re making the cluster it aligns the y-axis of the null with the selection normals. Pretty nifty…


Nice one, Chris!
Which have of the trophy you want?