create mentalray framebuffer from mel


I have make search but there are no answer in cgtalk about it, and maya script editor dont out put any info. So, How could we create mentalray framebuffer from mel, control its attribute.

THanks for any helps


Did you turn on “Echo all commands” in the Attribute Editor? That finally prints out lot of stuff, most unimportant. It shows, that all the creation and stuff is done by the miDefaultOptions’ AEtemplate Script. The initial command is

AEmrUserBuffersAppend miDefaultOptions.frameBufferList

this alone seems to work, allthough you probably wanna fiddle out what that proc really does internally (its in the file AEmentalrayUserBuffers.mel).

Another thought - why not just do it all yourself: simply create the node (type mentalrayUserBuffer), set the .dataType attribute and connect it to the miDefaultOptions node.


Tks alot, I miss that check, now I could trace all command :), get create framebuffer now


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