Create a Z depth mask from a 2d image


Create a Z depth mask from a single 2d image

Hallo everybody,
today a big question… I’d like to know what you suggest to build a pretty Z Depth mask from a 2d Image.
I read there’s a way to make it in Photoshop or Gimp:
and here
… with a big hand work a Z Depth map.
And this example, state of art about Z Depth Maps hand made…
Author says that He made that " just used the displacement feature in Final Cut Express… " (???)
I naturally have already asked to him more explanations: still no answer…

But maybe (today) there’s a faster solution trying to extrude 2D image in 3d sw using his greyscale version as displacement map. Obtained a 3d extrusion you can also create a Z Depth pass and so to Obtain your Z Depth Mask.
All this in theory, because in practice I have not yet managed to do it with Maya …
Any further ideas or suggestions?

Many thanks!


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