Create a Quick Selection Set?


There is an undocumented command called CreateQuickSelectSet that creates a quick selection set, but it always pops up a box asking for a name.

Is there a flag that I can use to name it automatically?

Alternatively, is there a way to auto-complete the text field and simulate a click of the “OK” button from script?


Go into the maya docs and look for “Sets”. I believe that’s what your after.


Well, that’s the workaround I’m using now, I just create a normal set. But I can’t find a way to make any old set appear in the quick selection set menu under “edit”.


Not quite sure what you are going after. I believe sets do not save in Quick selection sets.
Here is a little Gui I wipped up that could help.

  if(`window -exists quickSetPicker`) deleteUI quickSetPicker;
  window -t "Quick Selection Picker" quickSetPicker;
  string $form = `formLayout`;
  string $scroll = `textScrollList -selectCommand "pickList" -width 225 -height 300 quickList` ;
  string $close = `button -l "Close" -w 65 -command "deleteUI quickSetPicker"` ;
  string $sets[] = `listSets -allSets`;
  int $i;
  for($i = 2; $i < `size($sets)`;$i++)
  	textScrollList -e -append $sets[$i] quickList;
  formLayout -e
  	-af $close "left" 160
  	-af $close "top" 300
  	-af $scroll "left" 0
  	-af $scroll "top" 0
  	$form ;
  showWindow quickSetPicker;
  global proc pickList()
  	string $getListName[] = `textScrollList -q -selectItem quickList`;
  	select -r $getListName[0];	


Thanks. Yea, I guess I’ll have to do it that way, and not use the “official” quick select sets. I wanted to integrate it with the normal UI so you didn’t have to have my script’s window open to use the selection set (as this is a minor part of the functionality). But I guess the user can still add it there manually if he/she wants to.


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