Create a growing branch?



I’m looking for a way to create a growing branch style animation.
It would grow from the centre outwards following a shape but then change shape to become a newly shaped branch. I’ve played with cubes following splines and volume meshing (so that the joins aren’t too sharp) but then it all looks a bit to smooth etc I’m looking to having these branches square in profile with chamfered edges.

Attached is the sort of shapes I’m talking about and you’ll see the profile of the branch too.

Hope someone has a cool workflow I could try?




Check out my thread on Branching/ Veins … a plugin from Nitroman and other great
options from other members … from 2019.


Thanks will do :slight_smile:


There used to be an excellent plugin from Rui Batiste called Forkroot that did this kind of thing beautifully. May get him involved in this thread. I may have talked him into reviving it as it does such a stellar job like nothing else.


Troyan really made me revive that plugin for releases 21 and up.
It is still in the evaluation/testing phase (and Troyan has been a great help), but it seems to be working just fine.