Creases in my Model...why?


Ok, I just started useing Maya…and I started with the Joan of Arc tutorial…I’m almost done with the head…But, when I go to SMOOTH it I find I have some bad creases…see the image ,

Now, In Max, this usually occurs because some verts are not welded…but in this case, I’m sure I’ve gone through and checked all of them… Could it be that I simply need to put in a tad more geometry?

Sorry damn link …ok, look below for the image

It looks fine before I smooth it…but the creases stand out Bad after Smoothing.

any help or thoughts are much appreciated



hehe… your directory is empty… need a file to look at :wink:


i can’t see the image, but probably you just need to merge the vertices or edges on the seam.


sorry, damn school server

heres the pic


select offending edges…

Edit Polygons>Normals>Soften/Harden


Hmmm Softening and or hardening the Normals didnt get it…

I’ll have to look into this merge edge tool maybe…because

I just noticed too…when I select Merge Edge Tool…then I show the edges in the head…Some edges appear thicker than others…and…it’s the edges that are causeing the crease…


reverse the normals of the offending faces ( my bet is you used append to polygon a bit too quickly and it created faces(in the eye area) with reversed normals. thus the border edges inside the mesh.

that or do edit poly, normals, conform.


Fango, that nailed it!! thanks a bunch!



Glad you fixed it. When I’m working with polys I turn the border edge display width up to 5 in Prefs>Polygons, that way any unmerged edges stick out like a sore thumb!


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