Crazy, David Domingo Jimenez (3D)


This is amazing! It has so much personality and all the little details are just great.
I’m very impressed. It’s an inspiring piece of work.


Unique style, amazing masterpiece and the highest level. How many time did you spend in modeling?


Thank you all.
I am very happy with the result and glad that you like my style.
NieaCry: Thanks. I was looking references in google images and this belt appeared. I liked the design of the blazon and the material too :wink: Greetings to Ukraine!! from Spain :smiley:
JMLinares: Hi my friend, I’m glad you like it. Modeling, Uv, zbrush and retopology, did it in 15 days. Greetings man.


Another robot awesome, what a great imagination and good taste.


oh its awesome!


This is one of the best I’ve ever seen! Congratulations, beautiful work :thumbsup:


Actually, this image became my favorite of 2013. Psycho enough, cool enough, and well… amazing. Good work man, good work!
Ps. i like Epic too!



An excellent and very creative design. Also, extraordinarily humorous.


Really cool, just like the last one. I notice some of the yellow blood of the last one on his tomahawk… grisly.


fantastic image ! dude this polini logo on the exhaust remind me some cool memories … :slight_smile:


This is the best/coolest illustration I have ever seen :thumbsup:


This character is so cool. :applause:


really great job all round… love his face :slight_smile:


Sweet looking model, nice design overall, also mat. and comp. and as a FLCL fan, nice reference :smiley: Congratz on the plug, keep it up.


I can’t get over how much fun these robots are!


So real! love the texturing and lighting! :thumbsup:


SUPERB !!! AMAZING MODEL AND DETAILS !!! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


excellent model , pictures , textures maps and liths are very cool

superbe ! !

gallery ! ! !! ! :thumbsup:


I love this picture. I am especially impressed with the design of the character and the lighting :slight_smile:


Wonderful… I really love this piece, great work :thumbsup: