Crazy, David Domingo Jimenez (3D)


Title: Crazy
Name: David Domingo Jimenez
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, BodyPaint, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Hi all,

Here I bring my new image on a series of illustrations based on a world dominated by machines, like my last work “Epic”. Robots with its own hierarchy and their own social classes. In this case, Crazy, a vandal in the city of Tokyo, disturbed and murderer.
Full cg, is made in 3dsmax, using ZBrush for clothes, Vray for rendering and Photoshop for textures and composition.

The lighting, help in the idea of the background and the composition is by Victor Loba. Great friend and great artist. Thanks!

Hope you like it,
C & C are wellcome.


More images. :wink:


Clay Render:


Studio Clay:



A big wow for you, the details and overall quality/look is fantastic:)


Amazing Work :applause:
Masterpiece :slight_smile:


wonderful details & very good looking


Love your work! Amazing details! Very original! Keep up the good work! Love the sneakers by the way :drool:


Yeah! You are definitely master of unique and crazy robots!!


Very good job on the clothing, I can really get a sense of his attitude just in the way he holds his own weight as depicted by his clothing.

But seriously, how you’re able to fit in so much detail, you’re able to make his attire look so messy and you have the mind to make it all fit together like this really insane chaotic puzzle.

Great work, thank you for sharing.


I hate to nitpick just because of how sincerely impressed I am with everything I am seeing here but the laces on the shoes don’t behave like one would expect laces to behave. They’re sort of defying gravity.

Especially the first lace loop on the right shoe, it looks like an arch made out of hardened clay rather than a lace loop that is tightened straight to the shoe or a lace loop that is limply sagging into the shoe.

Once again, I really admire your sense of gravity, I critique mainly out of inspiration.


A very cool work! Much atmosphere!
But why the Ukranian coat of arms (trident) on the belt?


Very inspiring work! I think the environment really gives the subject justice, nicely done!



I love this model and his design, he is extremely interesting and has lots of personality. I would love to rig it for you


Just as awesome as epic. I am loving this series.
This guy just makes me smile.


Awesome and creative. I like how you put all this machinery together!
The environment render is also beautiful.



Hi my friend, has been a pleasure to play with light with this fantastic model. I’m wanting to know coming out of your head the next time.


Thank you very much to all, I am very happy with the result.
Yuriki, i like very much your comment. Thanks.
Badsearcher, Yes, gravity or the tongue of the shoe should be closer to the strings.
Kudiaborm, thanks for the offer, but a friend will make the rig of this. Maybe the next :wink:
WaittHarris, I’m Glad you like it as much as Epic. I was afraid not to do better.
Madpoly I don’t know. The robot is crazy and I’m crazy too, you know? XD
VictorLoba sees preparing for the next :wink: a hug.
Greetings to all and thanks again.


I forgot, here you have the image in its original size. Right click: See image

Thanks again for the comments.


Brilliant, David!!. Great work, excellent details and very nice ambient. I love that robot, that design is terrific!!


Such a nice work! I wonder why did you use ukrainian [left]blazon on his belt? I’m from Ukraine so i’ts pretty interesting


Really REALLY fantastic work man - I love it!

Everything from the modeling to the lighting and shading is superb!