Crazy artifact


Jeremy I was working on my kitchen some more, and everytime I render the my fill lights and my key light scene I get some crazy artifact on the cabinets. I was wounder just what was I doing wrong.


The first scene is the kitchen that I post the fist time is was do. This is where I’m at so far with my Kitchen redo. I took the fill light scene and the key light scene that I posted above and added this occlusion scene. I hoping you could take a look at what I came up with, and let me know if I’m going into the right direction.


Looks like the tops of the cabinets are due to a light that isn’t casting shadows. If all your lights are casting shadows, then check to make sure you aren’t using light linking to remove a key wall or surface from those lights.



Hey Jeremy I fix the artifact that was showing up on the cabinets. Here are my fill light, key light, and my occulsion posting.


Here are my Kitchen with the fill light, key light, and occulsion put together. I also posting my kitchen with GI, and the last posting is the kitchen with GI and Final Gathering.


Hi David -

The problem doesn’t look fixed. Both the Key Light and the FIll Light images are missing shadows, and both have the bright tops to the cabinet doors because of that. Start working on the shadows with your key light, then fix the shadows as needed on the fills.



Hey Jermey I’ve worked on my Kitchen alittle bit more here my fill light sceen, my key light sceen, and my occlusion sceen. There render with Global Illumination.


Here my kitchen with all three of them put together with Global Illumination.


Hey my fill sceen, my key light sceen, with final Gathering. The last sceen is my fill light, my key light, and occlution put together.


Hi David -

So, why no shadows? Are you having trouble turning on shadows from your key and fill lights?

Don’t worry about posting those other images until you get shadows working, that should be priority #1.



Here my kitchens fill light, key light, and Occlusion with GI that I added some shadow to.


Here my kitchen in GI


Add here my kitchen fill lights, key lights with GI and FG. I use the same occlusion from the other sceen. The last sceen is my kitchen put together.


Hi David -

So, what kinds of problems are you having? Are you doing a lot of light linking, and that’s why you are missing some shadows? Unless you post what’s going on, I can’t help. I don’t really understand why it’s hard to turn on shadows on all the lights, why you only “added some shadows” on the third version? Please tell me about it.

The key layer is looking better. It’s very strange that the bottom of the plate is lit, not just the top. Maybe this is because a light casts shadows, but has a Ray Depth Limit less than 2, so the shadow doesn’t appear in reflections? And then the fruit looks black, where you’d expect bright light on the fruit at least to be a rim or kick from above. And I don’t see a shadow of the plate.

In the fill layer, the plate doesn’t cast shadows, the paper towels don’t cast shadows, the fruit isn’t lit, and there’s a dimmer version of the sunbeam from the key layer. Maybe in the fill layer that shadow running across the side of the cabinet by the window could be much softer, so you don’t even see it as a line? The floor in the fill layer looks very evenly lit, and I don’t know where the light on the floor is coming from.



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