Crashing dynamics animation


So I’m trying to render my falling backdrop dynamics animation, using Octane. I leave it to render, and come back to find my mac has hard crashed after it’s rendered 200 or so frames of a 1200 frame animation.

I’m up against a tight deadline and can’t start investigating the cause, but it will be Octane, the crashiest plug-in I’ve ever used.

Anyway my question is, how do I render the next set of frames, say from 201 to when it next crashes? The dynamics have to play from frame 1? If I say render from 201 to 1200, then the dynamics won’t be at the right stage.

Badly explained, but please help!


Looking at Activity Monitor, as every frame renders, c4d is using more and more RAM. It must be reaching my physical RAM limit of 64GB and crashing the whole machine. I can manage to render about 100 frames at a time before I hit the limit.

Why is that happening?


I do have a movie file as a texture on my cloth object - is that the problem?


Try to convert the movie filew into an image sequence and use that. Otherwise Cinema needs to decode the video all the time. In general you should avoid to use video files for textures and use sequences instead.


Thanks Srek. Good info for next time - for now I managed to render the thing out in 100 frame batches after cacheing the dynamics.