Crashes and Messed up UI on OSX


Hi I’m getting a very consistent crash on all versions of Silo. If you enter the extended creation box with your mouse for a cylinder, box, etc. It will crash immediately.

Also, the UI is pretty messed up at the bottom and left sides. I’ve restarted my computer and all that.


Hm. It looks like an image path to the UI buttons got broken somewhere. What version of MacOS are you running? Also, can you confirm you are running Silo v2.5.04?

First step to try and fix this is to go to File > Reveal Preferences Folder, then go out one level so you can see a folder called just “2.5”. Delete that. Then quit and reopen Silo. (Click “yes” if asked to update to the newest interface.)

Any luck?


That seemed to make the buttons correct as I had been loading my settings from a previous version of silo. I’m on a macbook retina pro 2015. Currently running Sierra. I am still getting the issue on all versions (don’t know why this is happening now and not before) where it crashes when using the options menus for cylinders, boxes, etc


I don’t have this problem at all with Sierra 10.12.6 on a mac mini.
The options work correctly. It has to be related to your particular setup.


It didn’t used to do this, but I have 0 clue how I would go about fixing it (the crashing).


Does anyone at Nevercenter know if there’s some sort of cache I can clear or something along those lines that will get rid of this crashing problem?


Do you have an external drive you can boot from where silo was never installed?
Then you can try the new version and see if it works.


Are the only permanent settings stored in the Library folders on mac? I could try deleting those and reinstall?