crash kiss in vitro, Nicolas Crombez (3D)


Title: crash kiss in vitro
Name: Nicolas Crombez
Country: Belgium
Software: Lightwave 3D

image done for practice, just an idea (weird idea :slight_smile: about a crash test car/human.
Thanx for viewing and for criticism.


Great! Fantastic execution and idea ,I like it:thumbsup:


Amazing!..Love all expresion composition mrrr…id just put a lil spot light behind their faces to see some nice contrast between hair and BG but even without looks amazing!.

actually there is 1…so nvm I ges :slight_smile:


its really amazing…


very good work.:thumbsup: can we see wireframe ?


very nice one i like it 2 much but
1- hes need 2 change the camra
2- added any backgruond
3- hes need more light

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:


Great job! Looks pretty realistic.
I only have two suggestion:

  1. I think the front of the cars should be more crushed together. An impact that caused both cars to bent in the middle will surely be mingled together at the front more.
  2. I think the female’s leg should not bend back like that simply because the force of the crash would not allow it. Unless of course, she crashes into something, hard.

Just my 2 cents. Still, it is a very unique concept and is well executed!


Cool idea Nicolas :twisted:

No blood?

  • Ty


Nice work! How you did the glass crash?
Can we see an animation?


Hello guys and thanx a lot for your kind attention and remarks.
Sorry for my funny english bellow:
@ Darius1989: Yep there’s one top light and another form rim and another to fill volumes. My screen is maybe too dark, I understand that a higher contrast would have been interesting, but I did not want to dramatize either too much.

   @ slashxu: I sought documentation on the crash landing test and there was much different crushing. I must say that to final I went there to the feeling. Concerning the arms I did not find much document, I noted that the bodies were very disarticulated, so I privileged feeling rather.
   @ TyroneMaddams: blood, I wanted well to put some but this content is for all audience :p
   @ chokata :glass split are simply created from tri cloned and of different sized 
   alas it s' only a still, but the idea of slow motion likes to me well



Fantastic work /idea thumbs up

GrtZ, Tim


very nice image and concept
4 stars


Vow, this is great image.


Very nice!Amazing work. 5 stars.


Very Nice work ! :love:


very nice idea.
it’s greater than i expected
rendering are exclusively :bowdown:


This is absolutely incredible. I bet this’ll win a 3D Choice Award.
5 Stars from me.
I’m really really stoned!


what a deadly kiss :slight_smile:
nice idea
this is a 3D Choice Award scene


great idea 5* for that,


ouch, that hurts!
love it.