Craig Mullins has updated...



nuff said. Run along now
good day.

for those who don’t know who that is , go here ->
I say good day


WHAT update? He hasn’t updated for quite a long time now. When was the last time you went to his site?


It states in his “gallery” section. “Last updated July 19-24 2004” approx. with works I havn’t seen before.
Unless I’m mistaken. That’s an update. The navigation of his site is a little confusing at the beggining. Hit “Gallery” from the first page nav.


Ahhh, gotcha. Yeah, the way he updates his site is really confusing, as he does not state so in the front page section. I haven’t seen anything in the gallery that’s new though, but then again, I frequent Sijun and most likely I’ve seen all the updates in the past at Sijun already.


I used to design websites a while ago and I feel his site to be confusing and not well arranged. I hadn’t visited his “gallery” section for a while since discovering him. Now that’s the first place I go to since it’s a way to get to all of his work.


Wow. It looks like it’s true. I just checked it out and it does seem like there is actually new content in addition to a new site design layout. I stopped going to it after awhile because there was never anything new and I had seen everything many times over already. It’s encouraging to see that once again a pilot seems to be at the stick and flying level over on goodbrush. I’m looking forward to seeing more new works from the great master.


Yeah co-incidence. He has changed the layout of his site and is better organized as a result.
I hope he sticks to HTML and not Flash. HTML is simple and faster. The work is the highlight not the site itself. If anything a site similar to would suit craig. Especially a little area where we can get some words from him :slight_smile: what he’s up to what he’s updated etc. has re-designed finally and I’ve visited areas I never have b4. Very good design.
Now if only Apple can update. Looong overdue.


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