Crabman, Alessandro Baldasseroni (3D)


Title: Crabman
Name: Alessandro Baldasseroni
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Illustration done for fun Based of the character design of my buddy Francisco Ruiz


An interesting piece of work. I could imagine it fitting into a John Carter kind of film


i agree with BrandonCaedesLiebenberg. nicely done


awesome as always!


Cool work, have you rendered this character straight from zbrush or by shooting height map on lower density mesh?


always do the best of the best job


Thank you guys !

Asfalton : its a max scene rendered in Vray, actually no displacement or normal maps have been harmed in the process :D . I wanted to try this workflow....generate UVs in zbrush, decimate the geometry with decimation master and then import it into max. Then do the bulk of the texturing in Mudbox, focusing detail on the very same high density pieces of geometry,focusing the detail on what you actually see on camera . it worked surprisingly well for my needs…relatively fast and straight to the point. Then i built a few vray shaders…my main light is a vray sun with a few fill lights which also act as reflectors. Here`s some screenshots to make some clarity. Background is clearly a matte painting derived from different photo sources.


great character!


Awesome stuff man :buttrock:


Filda : thanks !

quyun : thanks buddy :beer:


Hey Ale, this looks great! As usual.


Fantastic work.
Posted it on the blog.


Toni, thank you sir , hope you are doing well :slight_smile:

hoodedpython : Thank you!


Nice work man :thumbsup:


Big Artist :d


So cool! Excellent design


Great job! superb model! :thumbsup:


Another excellent piece Alessandro!

Also a very interesting workfow :wink:

5* (and much more)


Awesome design! I dig this image a lot.


Very Nice!