CPU Temp Problems


Hey people, i’m sure theres a million threads like this and im new to the site, but i’ve looked around and I just needed direct answers.
Problem: My cpu startup temp is 70C. It idles at about 80C

I have: Motherboard: I cant remember, how do i find out?
CPU: Athlon 2000+, with working 60mm fan
Fans: 2 80mm fans, exahust on back, intake on bottom front
HDD: 60 Gig Maxtor
Drives: 2 Cd-rw
Vid Card: ATI All-in-wonder 8500

Is this a real problem or could it be a faulty thermometer in the CPU?
The computer runs fine, and I play PC games for like hour and half at a time at no problems…


that is danderously close to the limit i believe. Did you install the heatsink? If did you apply thermal paste? Did it have a thermal strip on the heatsink? Sounds like something has been missed itn that area. Of course a 60mm fan doesn’t sound too promising either. If you did not apply paste or the heatsink did not have a thermal strip that would be the problem. If you bought this computer prebuilt then it is most likely a underpowered heatsink/cooler. I really like the aero cool high tower heatsink, just put it on my sons xp2600 and it is 10 degrees cooler, and quiet.

I would advise a new heatsink/cooler, and dont forget the thermal paste!

Good luck


i built this computer, can you recommend any particular heatsinks or thermal paste and how to install? (im not exactly new to this stuff but im still learning)


Well installing the heatsink is pretty easy, but make sure to proceed with caution and always wear a anti-static grounding strap. The “aero cool” hightower heatsink is very good, the thermal paste it comes with is satisfactory, you could get arctic silver 5 paste for another $10 it might be a little better(1-2 degrees cooler). There are many cpu coolers on the market a search on google or here will reveal countless hours of reading. The one i recommended is nice for me because it is quiet, within weight limits of amd spec, and fits on all boards. Some other coolers don’t fit on all boards, and others are beyound the weight limit so it could lead to disaster. And of course many coolers are just very loud. Anything that goes over 25db will start to be loud fast.

Useually the coolers will come with directions, if not check their web sites and or the mobo website. Also if you still don’t know what mobo you have you can use a program called sysoft sandra to find the details.

Good luck,


ok i found the thremal paste, but im not sure im finding the aerocool heatsink that you’re talking about. can you maybe link me to a site or something? Also, is there some way to find out what type of motherboard i have? is there anything on the computer that will tell me, in the bios or in the device manager, or do i just have to break the thing open and look at it? oh and thanks for your help!


link to the cooler.


sysoft sandra will tell you the mobo, and many other things about your pc. Get the standard version for free.


Good luck,


ok, im getting a good look at the ht101 now. It looks like those things are huge. But it says Athlon XP 3600+ or higher and mines only 2000+. Will that matter? Other than that i think I pretty much got it down. Also i update my temp readings and reconfigured it, it says now that my Case Temp is 31C, CPU Socket is 63C, and CPU Diode is 82C. What are the two different CPU readings?

Thanks again for the help

oh and my motherboard is an albatron KX 400


Well the heatsink is good up to a xp 3600 . I am using it with a xp2600 and it is just fine. It will work with any xp chip(socket a). Those temp readings are scary! Basically the case reading is the inside temp of the case. It is reading fine. The other temps are way off the socket reading is the mobo sensor at the cpuu socket, and the cpu diode reding is what the cpu is reporting to the mobo. Neither of those reading are safe… I think that the thermal paste is absent on this cpu.

There are many heatsink/coolers, basically you want to find one that is a socket A type. Noise and weight are also factors. And some coolers are very good, but will not fit on all mobo, so if this is a note be sure to check for compatibility. Zalman make excellent quiet coolers, but often don’t fit all mobo’s as an example. Thermaltake also makes good coolers, but they are often very loud.


Hey, I took the weekend to do some work on my comp. I took out my current heatsink and gived it a thourgh cleaning, then applied some arctic silver 5. here is my current readings

CPU Diode 53C
CPU Socket 38C

Better yes?


Ok, my computer has been running about an hour and the temps have evened out at CPU Diode: 56C, and Socket: 43C

ok, now its been like 2 hours and its, Diode: 62C, Socket: 48C

Is it possible that I didnt but enough Arctic Silver on?


No really you just want a thin layer of it on there. Does seem to confirm that the paste was absent or improperly applied. Also if the heatsink is not on properly it can cause heat to rise. I think that the temp you have now are livable although on the hot side. It can actually (in theory) get to 85C, I wouldnt recommend it though.:eek: If you want to bring the temp down more try a larger heatsink with a 80mm fan.


ok, it seems to hold steady at Diode: 62, Socket: 50.

I guess thats alright for now, I plan on getting Doom 3 and hope it holds steady. Thanks for all your help. I appreciate it! :thumbsup:


No problem good luck.:slight_smile:


my 2500 was fried when a similar thing happened.

replaced the cpu and problems went away.


I had the sameproblems with a athlon 2700+ for a long time. then a friend asked if i was using a sham. it was recamended when i built it so i put one in. my friend then suggested a heat sink with no gap and no need for a sham. when i replaced it the problem went away.


Sham??? What the hell is that thing? I speak english as a foreign language, but my problems are fairly similar. I bought an AMD XP 2800+, wich was boxed, by the way. I followed the instructions and then I sweared about half an our, because I just couldn’t close the case. Even with opened case the temperature never goes below 65C. It is mostly arround 69-71. When I play UT or I model something, then it goes tropical.

How can I make it to chill down a little? I want to change the heatsink, but for that I need money.


whats a good heat sink with no gap, or sham?


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