Cowboy bar scene


pls cast an eye over the few seconds i have animated of this scene, just something for my reel, much appreciated. thanks.

(if clicking on link dosnt work pls try copying and pasting, thanks)


a update to the animation, it lasts about 30 secs

(edit: file now changed!)

again try right click save as or copy paste link to work, sorry for the small res, you miss some facial animation because of it, pls crit though


Arm chucks glass, that sucker would go flying…
Same arm wiping beer off lips is also very fast, like a karate chop - perhaps on purpose? And the resting pose of that hand seems odd.

Has some nice work in it - keep tweaking.



I watched it and the first problem I noticed was that it was too linear (robotic). You should add more arcs to your character’s movement…for example…when the arm goes across, it should slightly angle down halfway through then go back up to wipe the lips


looking good.

the wrist is bent kinda weird as he brings it over to wipe his mouth off, and i also agree with jamagica on it being a bit to linear.


thanks for the feed back guys, im not sure what you mean when you say ‘linear’, could you perhaps elaborate.

the snapping arm action, ie ease ourt and fast in to the pose is deliberate because he is meant to be slighty drunk, do you think that comes across??

once again thanks. might be a few days before i get to work on this again but keep the crits coming.


why’s your phone allways off?

send me an email;


hey tom, sorry mate, im in the states , check your inbox , just dropped you an email.


any more crits? getting back to this animation today. thanks


just some concept work for the charachter, thought you might like to see:



i like the slight burp he takes after his drink…thats well done…although the animation is over all pretty smooth but u might want to “slow” him down a bit as you said before hes slightly drunk…i always find the best way to know if the animation is working or not is to actually act it out yourself…and video tape it for reference…its the best way to improove …all in all…its a good animation…good stuff :thumbsup:


Some of the arm movements are a little bit robotic, but overall nice model and animation. By the way it’s only 10 seconds long not the 30 you said it was, am I missing something?.


hey tom, how are u mate? u get my email?

thanks for pointing that out about the length, ive linked to the wrong file!!!:banghead:

heres the correct link to the extended, revised animation:

again, u might have to right click / save target or copy and paste link…see what happens.



the arm movement in the 5/6 second seems a little strange but apart from that it’s an excellent animation.


wow… very impressive! THe only 2 things that looked un-natural, was when he threw the glass… it was to quick i guess from the other part of the animation, and when he ran away really quick at the end. Otherwise, its perfect! I really like the burp part and the walking before he pulls out his “guns”.



Hey, I like it so far, but there are two things i noticed. First when he moves his arms very quickly there is no drag. His hands are very rigid. Usualy when people move that fast there hand will drag a little behind. if you apply drag it might look a little more natural.

Second, when he walks away from the bar, before he tries to pull his guns, he really stomps his feet into the ground. When he does this his knees don’t bend and the rest of his body doesn’t react to the impact of those heavy steps either. I think you have to add more weight to the last phase to perfect the animation.
Good job an good luck



thanks for the comments fellas, there are a few issues there, which most of you have touched upon, the other thing i need to do is add some follow through on his hair, im not sure wether to keyframe this or do it with some procedural dynamic way. i think it will certainly make the animation look much better.



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