Cover: Ghost Recon for Wii, jeff miller (3D)


Title: Cover: Ghost Recon for Wii
Name: jeff miller
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

This was a piece I was commissioned to do for Ubisoft. It is the game cover of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon for Wii. I now have permission to post it.


Speechless.ubisoft Is Always My Dream.ghost Reckon, Excellent


great posting


Nice work Jeff!!!


I love Ghost Recon
I love your work


Awesome !! very very beautifull !


very very wonderful looking i like it 2much :thumbsup:


Nice work!
Is the background a mesh?
It looks great,
Good stuff


I like it.


Astonishing, work, thumbs up!


Brilliant work. It’s hard to believe things can get this good! No wonder Ubisoft does some pretty amazing things! After all, it’s got artists like you! :slight_smile:


Wait, I just realized that the guns are “Vectors”. I’ve seen the model first in Modern Warfare 2, but this looks so much robust!


Really nice work!


Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Yes, the background is all modeled. Originally it was going to be a horizontal canvas to wrap around to the back, so I modeled way more of the background than was needed. Also, there was a point when they wanted one of the soldiers to be cloaking, so everything needed to be modeled behind them. I will post an image of the background and the wireframe when I get back in town.


here is the background before it was cropped down. as you can see, it changed quite a bit. Also, there was a land based drone at one point. wireframes coming soon.


here are wireframes for the background


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