Cover For An Art Mag, Hui Tian (2D)


Title: Cover For An Art Mag
Name: Hui Tian
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

this is my latest work,I finished it at last month.This work was designed for the computer arts mag,which is an excellent mag in China.
I have so much enthusiasm about it that I have drawn this cover all through the night untill next day 14:00 pm,haha.
here is full of excellent ,fantastic works.I love staying here ^___^
Wish you like it~~~


close up


WOW~very beautiful picture~a design of great originalityand I love the style~nice workkkkk~~~****4STARSSSSSSSS~~~~~:bounce: :bounce:


Very nice work and very nice girl! Congratz :applause:


Fuel For Inspiration. Gives me go power.


It’s lovely!
I love combination of flat and volumetric. It looks very well here.
I also love details on her hat. You have great imagination :slight_smile:
Textures of dress and skin are good also.

5 stars from me!


love it its so vribrent great work!


Great job. Very nice style.


it looks great. nothing to say.


I like your drawing…especially, co’s is with light colors…Must of the artist here use many shadows.
Refreshing art!!!positive, That’s what I mean.


Fantastic work there. The lips are so succulent! :wink:


very beautiful work for an mag cover~lovely:thumbsup:


wow thats nice .
flowers like vector .
Great with photoshop .


Great picture, I like it! Beautiful lady, colors and composition:thumbsup:


very fine your style and color.:thumbsup:


Well done!
Beautiful painting :slight_smile:


amazing and lovel:thumbsup: y


you have really captured the essence of the wonderment of a all that is woman…!
love the colours and the pose and all the fine detailing and sweeping curves and everything else…no crits from me.:thumbsup:

Front page stuff if you ask me…cough…ehem.:shrug:




thank all of you~hehe
i am so happy that you like my work here~~