court gown , Deniz Özemre (3D)


Title: court gown
Name: Deniz Özemre
Country: Türkiye
Software: 3ds max, Maxwell Render, Mudbox, Photoshop

a 18th century’s royal fashion which was mostly dressed in the middle europe . it started as a a fold study . flowers are from xfrog library . folds made by poly modeling and refined in mudbox . hairs formed with shave and haircut and converted to mesh for rendering . and a little color correction in ps


yes this is very good :slight_smile:


This is stunning. A really beautiful image, it must have taken you ages to create. Would love to see some wire frames of your models. :slight_smile:




Really beautiful work, the dress is just great!




Beautiful artwork, u did a great job with shading also.
I agree show us some model screenshots.
Keep it up


stunning . no words to say , just beautiful


hey very nice work on the cloth buddy :).:beer:


very nice modeling by the face woman & amazing cloth hes real i like it 2 much the look but hes neer light jest more light ok

good lcuk 4 ever :beer:


very nice modelling bro, it looks like oil paintings,actually i am wondering your 3d scene:)

tebrik ederim, guzel is gercekten:)



Wow! I love the painting like quality of the render.


thanks friends ,
here is the wire and hair set up . some parts of the mesh are collapsed in the actual scene . so there is no chance to tun back for them .


Beautiful render Deniz! :thumbsup:


WOW. That is totally amazing. You are a true master! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


oh beautifully done! I smell choice award. congratulations!


Lovely piece of work.


Great work! Your cloth modeling is amazing.

Keep it up :thumbsup:


Great work, those folds look really good…How long did this take to create?.


thanks guys . your comments are welcome . it really paid off after that tedious process . it took me 3 months to complete with breaks . meanwhile i was working in a game project .


:slight_smile: yeah l join u . l smell it too.

Congratulations Deniz !