Couple of questions about birth texture


Hi there,

I´m doing some R&D on a frosting effect, where a character is getting slowly covered with tiny ice crystals.

I´ve managed to get the basic setup running with birth texture, but since the final particle count needs to be pretty high and the character is also not exactly lopoly, I have a couple of questions about performance:

  1. Does this setup work with multiple UDIMs and multiple UV channels? I´ve painted a frost flower mask with 11 UV tiles on my character and I´m using that in a composite map, revealing it through an animated noisemap, which uses a UVZ map on another mapchannel.
    So, naturally, I don´t get the correct display in the viewport. Also initializing particle emissions doesn´t seem to work, if I don´t display the texture in the viewport.
    It does look kind of right, but like I said, its hard to tell, unless I use very high particle counts.
  2. Right now the updating is quite ainful, because first I need to initialize the particle emission, which takes around 10 minutes, and then I need to cache it (using cache selective for preview purposes).
    Is there a way to cache during initialisation of the birth texture?
  3. A more general question about particle amounts…I´ve read about the internal limits on particle count in the manual and it seems pretty high to me, considering that I haven´t even gone above 500k particle limited by a camera culling OP in a single Pflow.

Whats your experience with high particle counts? How do you optimize them? Is it mostly about viewport display, and you cache out the high counts only before rendering?
How does the birth texture handle the particle count…Lets say I emit 300k particles, but only 50k are shown due to my white values…are there still 300k being calculated/in memory, or only 50k?
Does anybody actually use Pflow for high particle counts (over a million) or are these al tasks for thinking particles?


wondering the same right now… working with birth texture is becoming slow with high mesh, high particle count and high texture res

just waiting for tyflow :slight_smile: