Countdown - An animated short movie


my name is Paolo and i work at Bigrock, an italian CG school near Venice.
Every 6 month the best 10 students of our courses are chosen to form a Research & Development department called “RED” and i’m their supervisor. They are given the chance of developing great works in a period of 6 intense months.
The last group of REDs worked on their last 6 weeks on an animated short movie named “Countdown” that you can find here:


This is a non-profit project created to send a message: follow your dreams with dedication and hard work, with no limits.
People usually think that dreaming means to imagine something that is impossible to achieve. For us is not true! In fact, our short film is dedicated to the people who believe that everything is possible, the dreamers. Be encouraged to choose your path and work hard to make your wildest dreams happen.

3D Software: Autodesk Maya, Pixologic ZBrush
Texturing Software: Substance Painter
Render Engine: Redshift
Compositing: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

// Credits //
Story by / Giacomo Carnaghi
Director / Federico Scaglia
Supervisor / Paolo Zucchetto
Concept / Sara Mauri
Modelling, Texturing, Grooming, Rigging, Animation, Compositing & Editing / Flavio Carnevale, Francesco Del Fuoco, Angela Spinato, Virginio Perissinotto, Maddalena Delvecchio, Federico Ventura, Saverio Trapasso

// Screenshots //

Storyboard, concepts and other behind the scenes can be found on the Behance project page: you enjoy it!


3D Animations are loved great work guys all the hard work could easily be seen please upload more blogs article I really love to see these kinds of things !!
Much appreciated !!


Such a 3D animation fine art you deliver well in the field of animation.


Thank you guys!
We really appreciate your comments :slight_smile:


By the way the things look, it can obviously be seen the students have put great effort in it, I like it and everybody else will also find them interesting…


I really enjoyed this video, great work man!