Count Dracula, rick baker (3D)


Title: Count Dracula
Name: rick baker
Country: USA
Software: Modo

I haven’t posted here in along time .I thought it was time to give a friend to my Monster. And who better than Dracula.
I was going for a Lugosi likeness but somewhere between how he appeared in the original film and Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein. I wanted it to look like a 40’s still shot.
I did this to try out my new computers chops and test GoZ.
I used Modo, Zbrush and Photoshop. Hope you like it


Nice to see you’re still with us. Lovely portrait of a classic villain; I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you.


wow never seen a front page plug that fast!

great work!


very well done!


Perfect! Your art is always flawless.


Beautiful work.


Pretty much perfect apart from some odd DOF on the hair.

5 stars.


Good work,


this is so gorgeous

Rick, i heard that you did sculpts for the Benjamin Button rig. did you do poses too? did you work digitally or traditionally/ both?

thanks for sharing



nice work :slight_smile: i like your Biker Tutorial :beer:


Outstanding piece! I could just stare at it for hours… maybe I better not. Congrats!


Great work as usual.

Guess your latest work has really put you in a Universal Monster mood!

Going to let the gang over at CHFB know.



Excellent work! (as usual :slight_smile: )

I’ve seen this pic in recent ads for Modo. Was it done mostly in Modo or Zbrush, or how did you split up the tasks between the two programs?


Woooow!!! so real…impressive model!! :eek:



Your work is always inspiring! :buttrock:


Looks so real,congratz,no critics!


beautiful work Rick!


those eyes, such passion.

really love how you even got the specular highlight from the liquid between his eye and eyelid, amazing detail.




Great one Rick! how did you do the hair and eyebrows?