Coulrophobia, Anand Halbhavi (2D)


Title: Coulrophobia
Name: Anand Halbhavi
Country: India
Software: Photoshop

Hi all this is a new painting to depict Coulrophobia:fear of clowns! i was bored and thought so sketch it out… and later painted this on photoshop cs3…


ohh yes super job


I have this phobia
clowns are scary, really !
Nice work although the face seems flat for now, some more work on the lighting would give it more volume (avoiding to use pure black for shadows usually gives a more realistic result, and using ambient light enhances volume too. The part between highlights and shadows is usually a bit more saturated than the highlights themselves). Adding some textures on the clown would be nice too.

Nice composition and atmosphere ! You did a great job on the pearls and axe handle by the way :slight_smile:


souledge3: thanks mate!

Dianae: thanks for the critique :slight_smile:


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