Couldn't create a new layer until an object duplicated, now don't know how to go back


Hi there!

It’s only my second day working in ZBrush, so probably a silly question with an easy fix, but I am lost.

I’ve been following Frank Tzeng’s tutorial on likeness up until the part where he created a third layer for sculpting asymmetrical traits and presses StoreMT. As soon as I presses “Store Morph Target” I lost the ability to create a new layer or keep recording the previous one. I tried searching online for similar issues and their resolutions, but couldn’t find anything, so I just poked around until the tool got duplicated. It did make the layer menu available again, but now if I make invisible the last layer it as if exaggerates recent changes on the duplicate…

How do I get rid of the duplicate now?

And thank you for your time!


Figured it out!

Ctrl + N came to help :slight_smile: