Could we please have a Silo forum


I am requesting a Silo forum for Silo artists. cg talk has loads of artists here and could share more ideas. yes silo could share ideas at their site, but why not broaden that idea and have others chip in to this. A lot of other 3D forums that cgtalk has, have a lot of people sharing ideas and giving suggestions and those programs have also their own community at their site. So in my opinion it would not hurt cgtalk, it would probably help bringing more people together and be a one giant family from all walks of program users etc…

I would really appreciate it if you could put a forum on Silo. We could learn a lot more since cgtalk has artists who are from all over the world and the greatest can be found here.

Please help us out.

Thank you ahead.


I’d like to see a SiloForum here too. Would be excellent …
Cheers, Eric


Yes Silo is a Pro quality app, I think it would fit in well here! - Baz


As mentioned previously, please start a poll and get as many people as you can to vote in it.

We don’t mind adding forums, however, we have added many forums in the past due to people saying “this would be a great addition” and the forum turned out to be a dud.

Please start a poll.




Yes, we need Silo forum!


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