Could someone tell me the difference between Edge Slide & Vertex Slide


Could someone tell me the difference between Edge Slide & Vertex Slide. Thanks


The difference is in the name, Edge Slide slides edges, Vertex Slide slides vertices :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously (and more technically), both essentially slide vertices along edges, the difference is mainly which edges are being used. In the case of the vertices it will slide along any edges directly connected to the selected vertices. The Edge Slide will only slide the vertices along unselected, but still connected, edges.

The best way to learn the difference is to use both (Vertex Slide actually draws hints showing where vertices will move), they both have their uses, though the results of Edge Slide are usually more predictable than Vertex Slide. Vertex Slide is usually more useful when nudging single verts around.


*Wahooney is right. but just adding up…

if you’ve selected only ONE vertex then it is doable under vertex slide, otherwise if you’ve selected two vertexes that becomes one edge. so if you will slide as vertex slide but selected multiple vertexes that will behave as edge slide.*


The difference is also quite useful when sliding multiple vertices as well. Regular edge slide keeps a selected loop in line with the crossing edges. Vertex slide lets you do things like twist a selected loop along its own edges. And if you do multiple parallel loops, switching to edge distance mode lets you preserve distance between the vertices you’re sliding. So you can do stuff like sliding a face ring to some extent and not just an edge loop.

If my explanation doesn’t quite make it clear, just try it out and you’ll see what I mean.

Still most of the time it’s GG but sometimes it takes Shift V when that one doesn’t quite do it. :cool: