could someone please help me find the short film with a 3d girl in the desert?


i know that its very difficult but i will try…

some years ago i saw in lightwave website a 3d video with a girl in the desert, i remember had a gun shooting a can a lot of times…i cant remember the title unfortunatelly…
any help it will be usefull



The title of the short is “TARGETPRACTICE” and the girl is named “Ariel Atom” but the website is down.
Found these sites with google:
but the videolinks are not working, sorry.


thanks a lot digital snake…thanx for the sites but still i cant find the video to download

i will search on the net…at least now i know the title :slight_smile:


or directly

  • Will.


thankssssssssssssssssssssssssss a lot…

i love this video…i remember it years ago watch it…

thanks to all :bounce:


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