Could really benifit from some networking.


Hello everyone. I just got all signed up for this and been filling out my profile stuff. Wanted to drop a line and say “hi” and give a little background about myself and what I’m looking for on this site.

I am a self taught 3D Artist who is always on the lookout to learn new things, tricks or tools of my trade. And always eager to meet new people like me. Sadly I have no ‘network’ of Artist friends to ask for help, mentoring, or even to know who’s hiring in the industry and if I am any good at what I claim I can do. LOL … That’s where I’m really hoping this site can help me out. I want to meet more artists, learn new skills and sharpen the ones I have, work with a team again on projects to dress up my portfolio more, and get farther into this digital world of fantasy that captivates me so.

So anyone out there that reads this, I could sure use some guidance… I’m not exactly new and green to everything in this industry, but being self taught I’m quite sure there are tombs of knowledge that I still need. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

~ Caleb Huggins ~


Hi there!

welcome to cg society :wink:

It’s a great place for all what you need and don’t worry if you’re a self-taught, so far everybody has to be a little bit like that to keep yourself up dated .
I just renovate my membership , not new but as you i’m always eager to keep learning from more experienced people.

A little bit about me, i’m an animator-designer who loves collage , mix of media, and especially textures.
I worked basically as freelancer in EU, UK and US. Other sides jobs, teacher and assistant production at film festivals.
Anything I could help you, i’ll be glad :wink:

Have a great day all of you!


Thank you for the reply. I want to build a network of like-minded individuals to help me in all areas of this industry, from finding work to solving project problems, so a freelancer and assistant producer is ALWAYS a welcome friend in my camp. :slight_smile:
I looked at your portfolio gallery and was very impressed, kinda makes me ashamed of mine at the moment. LOL My biggest hurdle at the moment is I dont know what I dont know, so finding the right questions to ask is the hardest part without falling flat on my face a time or two first.
I have worked in 3D for the last 4 years, but want to work at a studio or on a project where I’m with a team of artists who can help me refine what I’ve taught myself, and be patient enough with me to allow me time to catch up with current industry practices. But finding something like that is actually harder than I thought it would be.
I am job searching right now, but with what I have for a portfolio the outlook is bleak, I need a way to work, learn, and expand all while dealing with a full time job to pay the bills, or a company that is willing to take a chance on an unknown artist to allow me keep pursuing this.
Any direction or insight you might have to my problems would be welcome.

Thanks again for saying hi.


Hi again Caleb!,

thanks for your nice words regards to my work, but hey, there are also so many guys with more experience and with higher level at some things that i’m still working on…i don’t let that fact stopping me to become better at my work…stop thinking in that way, YOU are you, and all the work that you see from others should encourage you as help, reference to learn from :wink: otherwise your mind will stuck on these thoughts and wouldn’t pay attention on what matters.
Life is about keep balance,take your time, it’s ok to have side jobs, i eventually have them too. the main thing is if you really want to reach your goal, just keep working on it.
Regards to your portfolio, you have to think what you are to show your especialty-ies or areas where you want to work on and get information of the studio, studios you want to apply for.
Send me a link of your portfolio, i would be glad to give you some advice, i worked as coordinator hiring professionals and reviewing students reels to get into college.
have a great one!


Regrettably the only profiles or portfolios I have at the moment are in/on the Facebook fan page (see link below my signature in my posts) and on here (see link below my username in sidebar) … I am trying to set up a YouTube channel to show off my animations better, but what I really need is an Artists Webpage… but again, being all self taught with next to no one to ask, I would have to teach myself how to build a website before I could even set one up. And I can not afford to pay someone to do that which limits me to free-public places such as this one to display my works. … I do take what you said to heart, and I’m not in the habit of thinking I will never get where I want to go from where I’m at, but I also understand a realists perspective of I am self-taught, never had an art class in my life, cant draw with my hands only on computers, and no mentors or project leaders to show me the ropes. So I know I have a long road ahead of me if I want to succeed. BUT, that IS what life is about, if it were easy, everyone would do it right? LOL

Anyway, take a look at what I’ve got so far, and I will send you links to what I set up in the near future. Ill take any and all criticism and pointers you are willing to give.

Also, if you know of a small project where some of my skill might be useful to someone, please loop me in. I am always on the lookout to learn new tricks based on real project problems.


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