Could not load any writer?


hi everyone!

i made a video in the AE CS3. The problem that i’m having is to export the project to mpeg2(i want run the video in a dvd player).

What i do is change the output module in the render queue. When i change the format to MPEG2 i get this message:

Could not load any writer. Adobe Media Encoder will now exit.

After Effects error: Writer initialization error!

(0 :: 9995)

second message: now adobe media encoder will close

What is happeing?
I’m going crazy…
any idea of how to fix this problem?


Please provide more info on what you are doing. Composition resolution? Target format? Sound? Data rates?



I have this…terrible feeling of deja vu.


Ah yes.



jajajajajajaja:thumbsup:…yes …is the same problem…i have no solved yet…and i have no answer yet…and i relly need the help.:sad: please don;t be mad with me…be patience.

and what i am doing…well , it happens in any resolution, target format .mpg, no sound, or if there is a sound is mp3 128kbs…

this is the 3rd time that i post this problem…and i’m tryng to be more especific as posible. if any one knows how to fix this i will be so happy and i will been thankful for all the time…please!:cry:


Do you actually read other peoples replys? I mean, not just look at them, but understand why they ask what they ask?

You have been told to provide information about which resolution, not if you tried “any”, completely missed the bitrate information, you have been told not to export straight into mpeg(I don’t give a toss if you like that workflow), you have been told that AE doesn’t go well with mp3, everything you need to solve this has already been posted.

Go on and ignore every suggestion, but don’t be surprised when there will be a 4th time you will get stuck with this problem.


i see, …i export my mpg2 files to 720x480 resolution with pixel acpect of 0.889 or wide screen 720x486 for resolution an 1,2 pixel aspect, bitrate…default, and video files are not bigger than 100 mgb, i sue to render video files with that info.

everybody told me that i must not to export mpg videos from ae, cause it miss information…but i need to doit ti wacth on tv. and when you say to me that ae doesn’t like mp3 files that does not the problem, cause i remember that older versions of AE do that…AE 6.5 and 7.5 and my premiere cs3 can do it, for example can export to mpg, and mp3, and import them, but AE cs3 doesn’t and i get that message, and thats what i need…how to fis the media encoder for AE to export mpg files to wacth them on tv, and not using any other programs, is codec problem, software problem or what!


OK - so you HAVE to render from AfterEffects into MPG? It is a software problem. AfterEffects simply has “issues” with rendering to compressed formats. I know that you really feel like you have to but there are ways around this. Render to QuickTime Animation Codec, or lossless - this format is tried and true and shouldn’t give you problems. Second - download any number of video converters. TMPEG works great and Super is a good one as well. Also - if you have a program that authors DVDs then you should use it to encode the files. I have listed links to video converter sites below. Just a note - you should read the sticky at the top of this forum :wink:

MP3 - Yes AfterEffects can use MP3s but it is just not a reliable format. If you can - convert it to AIFF (you can do this using ITunes) and then pull it into your project and replace the MP3 (Alt-drag) on your timeline.

Video Converter links:



Google search:


oh…thats a useful answer…thanks for that…the big problem is that i have sometimes to do it fast, and you are rigth…i have the TMPEG but if i render in a fromat with out compression. it takes a log time of render and very big size for the file…there is a way to make posible render directly from AE to mpg…is just that i need to doit fast witout long renders in several programs.


It really doesn’t take any longer to render in uncompressed format that it does to render in a compressed format, that being said you still have to author a DVD so you might as well have TMPG compress it and you won’t have to worry about renders failing (which takes longer- constantly having to restart a render or rendering it once and then compressing it?).

Like I and so many others have said before - it is a software glitch and there is no way around it. If you feel strongly about it - email or call Adobe. As of yet I haven’t heard of any patch or update that makes AfterEffects super-efficient at rendering a compressed video. Personally though - I have found that certain codecs are more stable and you can chance it, but not with MPG2 - it just doesn’t work. If file size is an issue - then video may not be the arena you want to deal with. Just get a secondary or a fire-wire drive and use it for your rendering. NewEgg has some great pricing a 250GB Hard drive for less than $70 - cheap!


i just installed my premiere cs3 and it seems that AE and premiere have the same problem or something, but premiere does’nt export mpg neither!..cs3 is damage…i installed in 2 pc and is the same problem…


check your footage … i think properly is the encoding problem u can try to export to another format like quicktime . after that use another 3rd party software to convert for that or u just can use the AE to export back the quicktime file may can be normal export. have a try okie


i can to export to several formats(.mov.avi.wma.wmv.flv…)a lot, but not mpg, i have made a video that takes 5 hours to render into any format but not mpg, i have to burn it into a DVD to watch it on tv, sometimes i have no time to use a 3rd party software, and the problem is in the AE and premiere CS3, i can’t export to mpeg 2, blue ray, H.264, MPEG DVD, but it seems to be a encoder problem, cause is no 3 diferent programs with the same problem, i recently try the combustion 4, and i have the same problem so AE, premiere and combustion 4 can’t export to DVD, it must be a encoder or codec problem, there is not other way!


i just found the problem…it was a version problem…i was working in a beta version, this one can’t export-import mpg and mp3…now i get the full version, now i can do it, with no problem.


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