Could I have some of your time? Survey!


I’m not sure this’ll work but here goes!

My name is Joakim Andersson and have started a study on Character Design.
I’m a new student in a program focused on Digital Games and I would like your help.

I’m a beginner when it comes to creating characters and feel that my designs lack contrast and interesting, unique features. I want to improve that by getting to understand what a character actually is and means. Thus I have created a survey about just that.

It’s a small survey of 5 questions that would help me understand some aspects about character design in general. I’m going to analyse the answers which will most likely bring up new questions I want answers to. Hopefully this will all end with interesting discussions at the end of my study.
This is all anonymous and I won’t ask for your information. Unless you think it would benefit my study.

Huge thank you to anyone that participated :stuck_out_tongue: