Cotton Snail, Markus Neidel (2D)


Title: Cotton Snail
Name: Markus Neidel
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop

inspired by the combination of hard, coarse surfaces and very soft materials you find in nature sometimes … like when you pull that fluffy cotton out of its capsule


The color and technique is sublime. The Ram was a little hard for me to read due to the bulging eyes, but the horns, branches, leaves, lighting etc. are to die for! :bowdown:


WOW! This is very new!! unique style, color and character design! everything is very outstanding and awesome! love the green outline…it is very match! 5 stars and deserved some stuff!! Award!..please! Cheers!


this is brilliant!


What is this I don’t even…!
Man, that’s one gorgeous red. The color scheme is delicious. Subject and composition is also hypnotic, I didn’t see the Ram at first either but that doesn’t take anything to the piece, imo. Just makes me feel more insane than usual and surprised.
Agreed on the award. ^^


This is cool :))) Great !!!


I really don’t know where I should look, but somehow I like it. :slight_smile:
Lighting is very nice.


whoa, the colours in this piece are amazing. Simply beautiful


it’s a high level piece, really master.
Just perfect colors. The organic forms are fantastically hard detailed, mainly these spiral forms at the bottom.
Congrats Markus!


Very cool concept, great style :thumbsup:


thank you every one for your kindness. im glad you like it primarily the colors, i was a bit unsure about the colortheme in the end and changed the colors of nearly every thing except the red and white parts more then one time … i definitely looked too much on that picture.


hey! dont worry on the colors, man!
I have to say: that purple glow in the far background landscape and these green shiny outlines on the figures foreground became just fantastic.
I feel a little bit of the Vintage in this piece (maybe because of the draw, in itself), but the work of colors have setted the whole mood and drama to a far much high level. It’s realy outstanding.
You have a great sensibility on the forms of nature!


What the…? Grrrrrreat work my friend. Green and reds with a touch of purple, very bold work. Congratulations.


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