Coton cloud spheres


How to create a cloud shader fro the with spheres? I think that using MentalRay I cloud play with volumetric shaders… But how? (Any tips, step by step, contact, link, article…).

Really need your help!


I’m looking for some information on the MR Volumetrics myself. I’ve gotten some results creating fog by using the basic Volume one but the ray-marcher renders garbage(chunks of solid red) and the parti-volume crashes Maya when it renders with even a sphere in the scene. I’ve been adding these to the camera as described in the manual but so far none of these appear usable for anything. I’m sure it’s operator error though since I haven’t found any decent(at least to me) info on using these. IOW, I’m clueless. :slight_smile:


Have you seen this tutorial CraigT?

It’s about creating volume caustics in Maya through Mental Ray volume shaders like the parti_volume one etc.

It might give you some inspiration anyway.

Nicool, I don’t know of any step by step tutorials, but you could try using Maya’s Volume Primitives. Create a few Volume Spheres together in a bunch, then you could apply a 3D texture (like the Clouds one) to the density or opacity of the whole group.

Something like that might look ok. I’m guessing you either don’t have Maya Unlimited, or don’t wan’t to use Fluid Effects.



Thanks Jovex- at least it points out some things I didn’t know(wouldn’t take much! LOL).


OK thx Jovex… I’ll try it, but I’m not skilled with MR enough to find quickly the good tweak. :rolleyes:


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