Cote d'azur residence, Sergey Vasilev (3D)


Amazing, lighting shading and render. 5 Stars Works overall.
But IMHO this work deserved a better camera animation and better framework.
In some points the camera moves really really fast.

Best Regards



This is really beautiful… and I even like the house! …to live in I mean… :wink:


Awesome renders! Man, I can picture myself outside with a cool one by the pool :stuck_out_tongue:


awesome stuff dude… very perfect in all senses.


Thank you very much, will work on the cameras much harder the next time.


Great renders man!

Note to self: Get stinking rich, buy house in Cote d’azur


you are real 3d photorealistic love your work,better than “real“"Rain Street”.


very nice, interior view especialy.Although i dont really like the sharp ambient occlusion effect on the ceiling. It makes strong impression that there is a gap there

And you exagerated with DOF on exterior views

Apart from that - good work


I hate you for this :cry:
Awesome feeling on all renders + nice work on your website. love it!

Keep it up! :beer:


رااااااااااااااااااائع جدا


That is enormous amout of work. Is that all done by yourself? Great renders and presentation.:thumbsup:

Where, I don see him…:hmm:


Wow! Stunning renders!!

travishowe - How on earth did u see that!!! Amazing ! I think its a pose from smooth criminal!

And yes, was that accidental , as if a shadow tree>? Or is he still alive?

Please enlighten us!

Excellent! :bowdown:


Mmmmm… :frowning: but…with 50 quadcore I think that everyone can do a similar image… but I noticed we can see other amazing renders on your website, am I wrong? :wink:


I don’t really understand how the number of machines involved is related to the image itself.
The images were rendered on a single quadcore system, farm was used for the animation.


Oh! I’m sorry, maybe I does a mistake in first time.

If the single image was rendered on a single quadcore in 10-50 minutes it’s an awasone result!!!



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