Cosmonaut, Fausto De Martini (3D)


Reminds me a lot of an image by Metal Hurlant artist Mobius, and if it was inspired by that, it’s great work indeed.


Brotha, really Outstanding result in this model, and each time this show how better is your skills around CG universe…one more point to brasilian mind.

From your brotha and admirer


A masterpiece. 5 stars and nothing less than that.

Kra, vc realmente eh uma inspiração. Espero um dia ser tão bom qnto vc (e naum eh puxar o saco naum, eh admiração mesmo :)) Seus trabalhos tem uma qualidade e uma riqueza de detalhes incríveis mas este você se superou ao meu ver, parabéns.

Keep up the good work!


excellent attention to details.Very good textures.


Man, this new old guy is just amazing.
I´m a huge fan of your work. You´re just a proud to our country =)!

I read a news yesterday that tells about the new cinematic of WoW. Have you worked on it? If yes, what character or sequence??

Can´t wait to check out Keep rocking!!


[left]Wow another incredible piece of artwork from the Master of machinery himself Fausto De Martini. I enjoyed your work ever since the space marine in the beginning of your awesome career. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there at your Gnomon Workshop, and as I read you’re about to make a DVD it kind of took a load off my mind. Is there a possibility you can give us an ETA of the DVD or at least a time frame? I am really eager to get some insight in the creation progress of your nice bio-mechanical characters.

Cheers, and keep up the outstanding work


Gnomon have just announced some artists that will be developing DVDs for 2007, and Fausto is on the list!!

Fausto, are you already developing your DVD?


ive followed your work for a long time fausto and this is no disapointment, thanks for the continued inspiration.


Please Fausto different character no… this model!!! please…:smiley:

Great work, incredible, unique, no critics, 5 stars!!


Looks great. The eyes are very nice!

Just one thing though, why does the skin of his cheek appear to be pulled out. Kinda looks like it’s CAUGHT on his helmet…ouch!

Everything else is awesome!


Superb workmanship and brilliant art! This screams of total excellence.

Cheers! — Möe


You are the best! I love all your works!


¡¡wow!! Fausto.:bounce:

Amazing details, nice to see another masterpiece from you.


Hi Fausto! Would you mind to share your setup for the metal part, or even the material setting?
Or we’ll have to wait for your DVD hehe?


Fantastic work as always Fausto, five stars :bounce:


when, when?


Simply one of the best 3d models ive seen on the web. Many times ive seen this design inspiring other artists in the galleries. Look forward to see future projects.

5 stars


i like your work it’s very nice & complex & soooooooo realistic.

i had saw yuor work on the latest mudbox release and i was searching for long time about
the fantastic artist who had made this fantastic work .
good job


very nicely done love this image.



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