Cosmonaut, Fausto De Martini (3D)


Title: Cosmonaut
Name: Fausto De Martini
Country: United States

I’ve created this character for a Gnomon presentation. I wanted to create something that would represent my style, so nothing better than a sci-fi theme.
I used 3DsMax, Brazil, Mudbox and Photoshop.


wow it’s an amazing char you did there :eek:
I have nothing to crit except I would loved a background instead of that white
plain color, impressive work (shader modeling texturing everything is perfect to me :thumbsup: )


massive really like the textures 4 stars from me.


Love the texturing and rendering. No crits really apart from the background. Could you please show wires


Def. 5 stars from me, and this should go frontpage soon I suppose.
Great work, you make me want to do high-poly stuff so bad :confused:


che dire … bellissimo!! 4 stelle per te. sei er mejo




really fine modeling and texturing, great job !


wow ! WHAT A GREAT IMAGE ! 5 STARS from me


Fine modelling, very stylish, realistic, my best congrats!:eek:


great stuff man! i really like the style, also technically. could we see some wires?



damn great!!!

I’m a fan :slight_smile:


great work, I like the suite very much!


hey!, he is back!! and he is stonger then before:thumbsup:


wow . great job nice modeling


un-be-li-va-ble :cry:

i definitely like your texture ! it’s a really great job :thumbsup: - * * * *


as your models and renders are always fantastic, what we have to do is:




if this thread doesent reach 5 stars soon there’s some blind people voting out there!


Don’t throw out comments to often these days but this piece is just to amazing not to replay to. Pure perfection.


DAMN!! Freakin’ kickass work! As a few others have stated, I would have liked to have seen it with a background. Still, a 5 star piece with or without the background. :slight_smile:

Also would like to see a wire.