Cosmic Girl, Jiro Sugiyama (3D)


Title: Cosmic Girl
Name: Jiro Sugiyama
Country: Japan
Software: Blender

This is my latest work “Cosmic Girl”. Modeled and Rendered with Blender internal render, and finished on photoshop.
Comments and critics are welcome as always. I hope you like it !


Excellent work. It is great to see people using Blender. I t is such a good software but so hard to “understand” !
what is photoshop ? what is Blender ? Which render do you use ? The base Blender render or another one ?
The hair are made in blender ? Are they plane with transparency or the new hair feature done with particles ?


it is appealing to me I like the concept


greate piece of work… one things… maby eyes are little to big ? but dont listen to me :smiley:
colors object lighting all aspects looking cool!
greate blender work!


From the OP


i like much your work…
are hairs rendered? or photo?


This is really great
I can’t says any words , more just 5 star :applause:


i like your work, with blender its a very good work, maybe the sub surface scatering is too “creamy” as on the chin and the forhead.
The concept is original, i like it too.
May be the textures had to be work a little.
Four star for me.


-Wonderful work, among all the amour I like how her feminine nature is preserved… Really great job on the overall appearance of the helmet, very inspiring…


crazy good. did you just model from the neck up then model the helmet/suit? (since no one’s gonna see the body anyway?)

you have skills. (unlike me) haha! :smiley:


I know for a fact, from the b.a. forum thread, that only the hair and hair shadow were added in photoshop, unless he did a bit of gamma/brightness tweaking aswell.

Everthing else was blender internal.

Anyway, nice work Jiro!


Very nice render! I like her hairs and the concept.good works.


Awesome job, GREAT… :slight_smile:




Very nice, I find the lips a little bit odd, especially the lower one, but anyway very, very well done.


Incredible…Not only because you used Blender, but because this image is beautiful and I have no crits and the girl is hot and I LOVE IT!

Good work!


So beautiful. Skin could be more realistic but I like it as it is anyway… :bounce:


WOOOW , :buttrock: mhm this needs more than 5 stars , :applause: :applause: :applause:


very good expression. i like the face


This is incredible! How did you do the skin shader? It looks much more complicated than the default SSS shader in blender.