Hi @all,

I’m entering the contest and wanted to create a little WIP thread along the way.
Next week I’ll be getting a new machine that should be able to run Mari and Modo at a decent speed (have been waiting for this a while) - right now I’m still stuck with my two year old MacBook Air, that can barely open the 5mil version of the bike.
Because of that, I’m starting slowly with a little paintover to find a mood for the texture I want to paint.

I did a quick render in Modo and opened the image in Photoshop.
Then I duplicated the multiplied the image on top of itself to bump the geometry a bit.
I created another layer I set to multiply and put a first layer of base colors on it.
Next I imported a rusty metal texture from cgtextures and made an overlay out of it, erasing here and there for detailing. Then I basically merged it all and painted a couple of highlights on top. The image was finished with a little dodge and burn tool to give a tiny impression of the material.

I’m kind of ok with the colors, although I want to let it sink in for a few days, maybe it will be totally different in the end.

I’m looking forward to share a lot more of my WIP and hope I can encourage others to do so as well, that’s always a great way to learn.
I’ll be diving head first into Mari by next week, with just a little time-off for the next Ludum Dare video game compo in between.



I just discovered the headlights behind the windshield.
They were not on the challenge teaser page and I hought the ones on the other entries where custom modeled. It makes the model much richer.
I played around with the glass and lights in modo and made a little render.

I’m struggling with the multiple UV regions in the obj - Modo doesn’t support them and I need to find a solution for my final render.
There is a plugin on the forum dealing with it for Modo501, will try it out and see if it works.


I changed the concept quite a bit while working in Mari. I realized that for my concept of a racing vehicle it wouldn’t make sense to just put scratches where the hover bikes would smash into each other or obstacles- the engineers would think about that and put some protective cover there - rubber. I utilized the procedural layer to give it a hexagon texture and fed this information in both the specular and bump maps.
I’m also feeding the dirt & scratches layer into the specular and bump maps, so the scratches actually scratch away some of the rubber texture.

Next thing I did was giving the bike body a low res pixelated texture, I think it nicely breaks up some of the space on the body I was a bit unsure of what to do with. Just throwing decals or lines all over it didn’t make too much sense to me, cause it would risk messing with the already clear geometry, making it confusing to the eye to grasp the whole thing.

So far I’m really pleased with the direction, my next step is finding a good visual style for the metal parts, I don’t want to make them too rusty/dirty because the rest of the textures are going to be quite subtle and it just wouldn’t look right to give them a weathered look.
That said I’m still trying to find a good solution to bring this over to Modo and right now think my only real option is to bring it in patch by patch, as Modo can’t handle the multiple UV regions. Will have to make a quick run-through in the next days so I don’t get stuck in the end.


I took a step back and erased the dirt layers to get a look on the clean version of the bike first and add the decals / logos everywhere without pushing the model in a certain direction with to much weathering, althought I was quite happy with the look in general on the rubber material.

I want a subtle dirty look, so I have to be careful not to get stuck on details to quick.
After fleshing out the base concept, I started thinking about the dirt layers a little different and tried a new look around the rotors. I added a dust layer with a grey gradient and used a layer mask where I painted on scratches to make it look like little stones shot across the surface, scratching off the dust again. The render came out a little too dark, but I like where this is going.

The driver is largely untextured yet and I think it’s the most boring part of the model, because there is already so much detail there, not much room for creativity and a pain to mask around all the different parts of the suit.

I fear I might not be able to finish this til the deadline but I hope I’ll be able to pick up some momentum again next week.


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