+++ Corridor +++, The Black Tulip (3D)


Digging up some of the classics :wink:

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simply amazing! i remember when you posted this picture along with your elevator picture last summer at DvGarages’ foourm, you picture still blows me away!


wow! Perfection… very realistic, you’ve studied well. :thumbsup:


TextureScape ROCKS!

Excellent work!


displacment is your friend…

you mush show me how u set up your lighting :slight_smile:


Both this image and the elevator picture are great… What I feel both of them could do with is just a touch of volumetrics in there… just to add some atmosphere …

Apart from that, they’re wicked.


You rock dude…!!!

Need to make a tutioral for it… for the lesser of us… an in-depth look in your incredible work… textures and lighting looks perfect… keep on trukin’!!!

Whatz up with a tutorial?


Well done, looks really real. :thumbsup:


Wow…so realistic…:applause:


Hi everyone,

I invite you to see the the V3™ parallax scanning technology …
This technology give a depth in your screen without glasses or other accessory.


Let me know what you think about this…




Very very true…the light ; texture& unites ,WoW like it!!:applause:


Looks like a combine soldier from half life 2 should be popping out at the end of the hallway any second.

Good job, can’t wait 'til my games look like this.



I was looking for some 3D env ref…

and this rocks man !!!

aieaieaie !!!

is that Global Illumination?!? haven’t read anything about the rendering technique in the thread…

cheers :applause:


Wow. The textures and lighting look awesome.


eh, woooh :o
really well done
if only I could make such good lightnings :cry:



Hi, Thanks again for your c&c …

For this scene I did not used radiosity but lighting by surface. ( Include/exlude )



excellent work, looks like a photo.


impressive mood.
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Say the truth:it is a photo!!

Unbelivable work!


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