Correctly Flip Already Rigged Hand


I was wondering what is the best technique to flip an already rigged hand.

Should the rig and the mesh just be dropped inside the Symmetry Object and it is going to do its magic after you make it editable?
Are there any other solutions or settings you need to fiddle with?


I hunted around for an answer to this as well. If you duplicate everything, then go to the coordinates box - change size to scale and then type -1 on the x axis - it will mirror everything perfectly


Thank you cheesecake-weasel. I have also heard that the Mirror Tool in Character menu should do a good job.

Somebody said that changing the scale for x from 1 to -1, while is going to flip the object is also going to turn the mesh inside out. I’m not sure if it’s true, but the person seemed to suggest that turning the object inside out is not recommended and therefore this method should be avoided.


Yeah, the mirror tool is your better option. Having a scale of -1 somewhere will cause issues with Constraints and other things. The Mirror tool in the Character menu is designed to mirror joints and weights. If the joints are rigged, you will need to be sure to select any constraint targets, or controllers, or IK goals to mirror as well otherwise it might fail.