Correcting Modeling question


Hi, I have a question about modeling. So I have this chicken that I was creating. I created part of his head separate and did a Boolean join which created this mess as in the photo. I am guessing that is the wrong approach? When I took it in to UV mapping it was a nightmare. When you apply joints to your model, the model needs to be one object. What’s the best practice for this? Are there any good tutorials for this?

Also his eyes are just 2 spheres. But I joined them to the model as well with the join Boolean to make them 1 object, That also seems like the wrong approach, but I wanted it locked to the model so I joined them. any insight or links on this matter and welcomed.


Booleans are almost never a good approach to anything - they just make a mess of the geometry and UV maps. Google “Subdivision Surface Modeling” to learn about the correct approach, you’ll find hundreds of tutorials. Might easier to find C4D specific tutorials, but the principles are the same in any app.


You don’t join everything together either. If it’s separate unmoving objects, like teeth, you can bind them to the jaw bone / joint with a constraint. If the objects shall be deformed by the joints, you can provide them with a skin and bind that to the same skeleton as the rest of the body. If the objects shall be deformed or moved separately, like eyes, you put these in a null and constrain that to the head bone.


That points me in the right direction. I will look up subdivision modeling. It felt wrong when I did use the Boolean, but was not sure how to join 2 model parts together. I guess in this case you just don’t do that.


Thank you! that explains a lot!


Some good Sub-D basics here: