correct lofting


how do you loft those two curves? I have two loft plugins and the skin tool, but all of them don’t work correctly. Image this as the beginning of a finger…how can I loft these two curves?


I think that looks more like you should use something like sweep along path or extrude along path, something of that subject anyway.



Extrude on rail will work proper.
Put the “extrude along” rail in bg and run the extrude!
You will then “sweep” it!


no that’s not the right thing, because it does create the whoel thing correctly. I also could create several circles and loft them, but what is NOT fixed is the end. like the end of the finger, that all comes together adn that you have a nice rounding…


Will any of these plugins do the job for you?


i think something here just might work for you.

hope this helps.



I think raffael3d, you are asking about a “capping” like procedure.
I did not program that into the lofting scripts because I did not find that as an option in Rhino’s lofting toolset. I’m afraid for the time being you would have to build it yourself.

If you know where I may see that “capping” as an option with lofting, please let me know where so I may study that programs function…


thank you cman, the latheCurve1.1 is heading into the right direction, but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for.
I really wont to use the advantages of splines, which means that you exactly draw the form of the object. As I said, a finger. First I draw the form from the “hand-body” to the nails. So I have the average form of it. The “height form”. Now I want to draw the other spline where I determine the “width” of the finger. And then finally I want to loft these two curves (like the two curves on on the image I posted in the first message of this thread. But here comes the problem. It’s not possible to loft these two curves correctly. Why? how can I achieve it?


Now I know how to call it: it’s actually a revolution along a path using two curves for the control. I just did it in Softimage.
But for this project I need it it in Lightwave, so…


The best I can offer is to create 2 splines in bg layer to extrude your fg spline along.
It will not be exactly what you’re looking for, but the best suggestion I can make…


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