Corpse Bride trailer


This is a film that would simply adore to work on… oh well! enjoy!










Trés cool! Cannot wait to see this one! :slight_smile:


Is this CGI or stop motion…or a combination of both?


This thing looks AWESOME! :bounce:

The style is the same as my fave film ‘Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas’. Burton just can’t get this stuff wrong in my eyes. :thumbsup:


Stop motion as far as I know. Am sure there will be CGI elements included though?!?


:smiley: Tremendulous


Wow! That looks fantastic! And now we have to wait 'til Halloween??!? :scream:


now that’s looking much better than i’d expected from the initial descriptions. really looks like it’ll be an excellent movie.


Great stuff… can’t wait to see it on the big screen… not entirely sure about the plot but im sure burton and co can make it great!


Wow can’t wait to see this one. Such lovely characters.:bounce:


very well done!!! can´t wait to see this movie!


Gob Smacked!! This looks juicer than Nightmare Before Christmas!! I can’t wait - Oh I can’t wait - It hurts!! I’m so glad that theres still a huge audience for this type of 3D! Painstaking beauty I tell you!! Lets hope theres a godd story in there too!!


it’s stop-motion with minimal CG effects…



Well Moving Picture Co. is working on it as well as Will Vinton Studios so I would say your right…it’s both! :slight_smile:

PS - I think it looks GREAT too! :thumbsup:


Yeah, at first glance it looks like really, REALLY good stop motion with some CGI thrown in. Look at the full-frame sequences of Johnny’s charactedr running, it looks like CGI.

I can’t wait, I love all of Tim Burton’s stuff!


its a piece of creative art, like a nightmare before christmas is. i just love the style, and i love music! its gonna be great.


Wow! Wow! That looks amazing.

Cant wait.


I know that this is the wrong forum to say this but… please don’t over analyse this film, just be amased and in awe, above all be inspired!