Corona Render Beta2 release candidate is out. R20!


Don’t know how many people here use Corona, but I’ve been using Beta 1 with R19 for production projects since it was released almost a year ago and it is a fantastic render engine. Not perfect for everything but very good and fast for physically based rendering such as product or architecture.

They have just released Beta2 RC1 (not final beta 2 yet) and it supports R20. I haven’t had a chance to install it yet because I’m in mid-production on a heave project so won’t make the switch until the project is complete.


Will check this out for fun, being one of the few renderers that should run equally well on a Mac or PC. Looks like they’ve added a new materials system of their own. Interesting.


The new features look good, supports hair, and has its own skin material, then I find out its rental only for a released product, and that puts that to a end for me, such a shame.



It’s true that Corona is promoting their subscription model but as i understand you can still buy the node locked single seat version (scrolling down on purchase page). Anyway Corona obviously focussing on subscription makes me nervous as well…



Thanks for point that out, when I first saw Max box I thought it was a physical GPU render box. I wonder what happends if a maintanance gets missed, would that mean you cant get back onto it much like Autodesk did with their perpetual licences when they had them?

I also note that its only 3 render nodes, with Vray I have 10, and corona the dont have anything in place to add nodes either which is a shame.


Iv just downloaded it, wacked a quick cube with ears in, added 2 lights, and hair, and it rendered right away without any problems, and very, very fast. Im impressed by the skin shader and hair at first glance, and will be looking at this render engine in more depth. If it has a IPR then thats going to get my attention even more.



Yes, It has an IR that works pretty well. I’m full in on Corona as my go to engine for work and personal stuff. Just love the look and the ease of use. It’s still being developed, so it has some issues, but I stay behind the curve on releases and it’s been great. Been doing paid production work in it for over a year now.


The IPR is very impressive, even on my lowly 7700k iMac. On something like a Ryzen or Threadripper, Corona would scream.


Yes, the IPR is quite good. I tend to work with scenes that have a number of heavy Xrefs and it usually*** keeps up fine. I get some strangeness from time to time but mostly its OK.

***If you are using the IPR while tweaking complex materials, etc, I would recommend saving VERY often as the IPR is the part that is still crashy in Beta1. When it goes down, it usually requires a force quit of C4D.

Other than that i find it quite stable. Works just fine with my local TRS/TRC farm and I’ve used it successfully on commercial render farms such as GarageFarm.

Another nice thing about Corona is that their forums are active and have really good support form the Developers.

Im excited to wrap up my current project so i can get Beta2 installed and start migrating to R20.


Multi Instances are not yet supported by IPR.

Hair has limitations : you can’t use a vertex map for example.

But he’s my prefered renderer : Simple and fast.


Loading in my older project using Corona as my engine from Vray I found on my initial tests the hair to be faster, with way less noise, they done a super job on the hair shader. I didnt find the skin shader as nice as ALsurface in that it does not let the diffuse colour through very strong, but I may need to do some tweaking. I had got a email back from them for some licence inquiries and they where not sure if C4D will have a Box perpetual licence option as they want to phase that option out altogether. Its a shame as its such a easy engine to use, vert fast with a decent IPR and node editor. I cant invest no more time into a engine that I wont be able to afford to keep when its out but from initial tests it shows its has massive potential.



I have been using it too for about two years. In archviz rendering it is very good. I can convert vrayforc4d projects to corona with third party converter plugin too. That´s a big plus but I hope they will integrate vray projects to work inside corona c4d sometime in future. This is possible already in 3dsmax version of corona I think.


Yes but you can render it when it´s made into polygons in hair settings.