Corona 3 for c4d released


25% off a years subscription - makes it 217.50 Euros for a seat and 3 render nodes. Not bad at all.


Cant say enough good things about this renderer. Ive been using it in production since the alpha 2 release. If you are looking for a solid, fast, and easy to use CPU render engine for C4D, be sure to give this one a look!


Interested about corona.

I am a long time vray4c4d user. And as i read somewhere that chaos group fused with corona labs, is it worth to switch to corona from a vray user persepctive ? Maybe someone can describe differences between corona and vray. Where are the pros and and cons of both. Thx.


why pay, use beta version? It´s been available for free about years now.
I use it daily and it´s much more simplier than vray.
What´s good you can convert vray scenes to corona easy peasy.


The beta version will expire now that the official release is out. There are also features in the final release that aren’t in the beta according to the forums.