Corel Painter Notification Sound


Hi all,
so I need to delete many script files from a library.
As usual Painter offered more options in older versions, where one could go in the “mover” dialogue and delete, move, import scripts from one library to another with ease.
Now, one has to delete scripts one by one in the library view, as no Shift select works, thus having to listen to that annoying notification sound it makes each time before deletion.

Where does Painter hide that wav file so we can change it to something else less intrusive?
I know I can always turn the speakers volume down, but I’m looking for a way to change Painter’s default sound.


I know this is an old thread but i had the same problem with popups in painter whenever a message appears on screen and also this thread seem to appear on google when searching this annoying issue (reason why i revive the thread)…
That ding sound is called Exclamation sound and it’s a sound from windows. You can go to Control panel- Hardware and sound-sound and then search for exclamation or similar and disable it. You can even listen to the sound to make sure it’s the one that annoys you.