Corel Painter IX.5 Announced!


Greetings Painter Users:

Corel today unveiled the Corel® Painter™ IX.5 update. New enhancements in Corel Painter IX.5 include:

• Photo Painting Palettes – The new Photo Painting Palettes, including the Underpainting, Auto-Painting, and Restoration palettes, work together to help users kick-start the process of creating a beautiful hand-painted work of art from a photograph.
• Support for Rosetta running on Intel-based Macs – Customers running the latest hardware from Apple can enjoy working with Corel Painter and their Wacom® pen tablet, including support for the Wacom Intuos® 3 and the 6D Art Pen.?
• Eraser Tool – Conveniently located in the toolbox, the new Eraser tool erases any medium on the canvas.?
• Rubber Stamp Tool – The Rubber Stamp tool makes it easy for users to set up point-to-point cloning. Located in the toolbox, this tool lets users set a source and destination reference point, enabling them to clone within an image file or between different areas of separate image files.?
• Cloner Tool – Conveniently located in the toolbox, the Cloner tool provides immediate access to the last-used Cloner brush and brush variant.?
• Corel® Paint Shop™ Pro Support for Windows Users – Users can now open Corel Paint Shop™ Pro files (versions 9 and X).?
• Send to Corel® Photo Album™ for Windows Users – New integration makes it easy to send files to Corel Photo Album™, helping customers manage their images and paintings.

Registered Painter IX Customers can immediately download the Painter IX.5 Update for free.

Pricing and Availability

Designed for both Macintosh and Windows, the Corel Painter IX.5 update is available for free to registered Corel Painter IX customers. Corel Painter IX.5 is also available for purchase by new customers from at the suggested retail price of $429 US ($579 CDN) for the full version, $229 US ($309 CDN) for the upgrade version and $99 US ($119 CDN) for the education edition. Corel Painter IX.5 will be available through Corel’s reseller partners starting in April.

More information is available at Corel’s website.

Viva la Painter!



A useful new feature in Painter IX.5 is related to Tracing Paper:

Click and hold your cursor on the Tracing Paper Icon and a pop-up menu will appear that enables adjustment of Tracing Paper opacity in 10% increments.

Viva la Painter!


From the release notes:

Before you install Corel Painter IX.5 Update, you must be using Painter IX.5. Please update your installation to Painter IX.5 before you attempt to install the Painter IX.5 update.




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IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to install Corel Painter IX.5 you must be presently running Corel Painter IX version 9.1. Please verify that you are presently running Corel Painter IX version 9.1 by checking the startup screen on launch.

-got that at the site. just in case if anybody gets consfused. cause i did haha!


i installed d .5 upgrade. my other brushes and also the default brushes like digital watercolor or pencil brushes, wen used on the canvas i start to get the error message den it shut downs. i sent the error report.

wen u guys runned it. did it turn out ok?

help please!!:slight_smile:



any chance for dual core processor support (AMD and Intel) for PC’s in the next update? Or does paiunter IX has it? What about 64-bit support?


I’ve had fairly good luck with the new patch, one crash with a 3rd party brush.

Did you reset the original installation? You’re supposed to launch 9.1 with the shift key held to restore the startup configuration before installing 9.5.

added: I probably wrote too soon, the screen mode toggle “ctrl-m” has been acting pretty wacky. Either it doesn’t work or when it does I get a lot of flickering.


Same problem here. Some brushes worked, others didn’t (e.g. pencil, art pen, calligraphy). I uninstalled and reinstalled - both by 9.0-9.1-9.5 and the 9.5 trial - same error. Seems like it’ll be 9.1 all over again: bugged update, has to be re-released.

On a side note, the large size of the update package is a bit mystifying (at 95M compared to 105M for the complete package), since the programme folder didn’t increase in size at all after the update.


You guys with problems… Mac or PC?

I upgraded both at work (Mac) and home (PC). The Mac hasn’t run into any problems… the home install crashed when I firts started it up. I haven’t been back to check again… later.

So… what I want to know is, where are the updated support docs? I checked the help files on the Mac and it looks like the same help files from the original install. Basically I want to know how the new features work…


I haven’t installed the patch, which should serve as your (and my) first warning. That said, you may find that Expression settings have changed to address the new features in current Wacom tablets. There may be other brush setting changes as well.

Here are some observations from an earlier thread:

Probably should mention that while it’s easy enough to import brushes from earlier versions, they don’t necessarily arrive with the same settings and may not perform as intended.

Newer versions of Painter will change some settings during the conversion. If possible, try to review the brush settings in the original version of Painter so you will know what corrections to make after importing to a newer version of Painter. That’s especially true with brushes created in Painter 6.

One common error is in Expression settings where Source is substituted for Random during import, likely because of the later addition of a Rotation setting. Needless to say, changing expression can alter the rendering characteristics of a brush substantially.

Dennis @ DigArts
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Like I was saying, I haven’t installed or verified this problem in the new version. But, it’s easy enough to check. Simply note if there’s a new feature in the Expression or some other brush setting compared to v9. If there is, cross check that v9 setting against the new v9.5 version of your brushes. (What happened in the past is the addition of the new Expression setting kicked settings below it up a notch, so Random became Source, likely because Painter looks for the position of the setting on the list rather than the name of the setting itself.

If you do find settings have changed, you can correct them and save the Variant as the new default. This will rewrite the brush code to current spec and should correct brush error prompts as well.

The one thing I do not recall is whether you have to save the Variant with a new name or whether you can simply ask Painter to overwrite the old one. As I recall, one or the other may be a factor in eliminating error prompts, assuming my spectulation is valid.

Dennis @ DigArts
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Hi, one question:

  • Is the Adjust Color function (Ctrl+Shift+A) still viewable only in small useles window?


My system is Windows XP SP2 Professional.

I got the error even with the default brushes from a fresh straight-to-9.5 (trial) installation, and I was only using the mouse (didn’t try with Intuos, but I doubt it’ll work in any case).


i tried doing it all over. i took out first the brushes that i put there before i installed painter9. and then 9.1 then 9.5. i still got all the problems from the same default brushes. i use pc wid windows. does corel know about this problem?


I can’t run the installer file at all. I get an error message that says “Please make sure it is a valid Windows installer file.” (I am running Windows, of course. XP with SP2.)


im such a dumbass. read the instructions first. once uve installed the update. then when u launch painter, hold the shift key. and select yes to put it to factory settings. then everything will work fine. i feel much better now:D


It seems that the mac update is currently unavailable
I get “file not found”.


Same here…:sad:


I did just that, but I didn’t see any dialog in which I could select “yes”.


I had to do it twice, make sure you’re holding shift before you even click the icon. You should definitely get a dialog.