CopyUVClipboard for modo released


My first public modo plugin, still experimental so bugs ahead

It stores a bitmap of the current selected UV mapof the current mesh into clipboard.
Very usefull if you have to texture a massive amount of UV maps or to quickly update a modified map in the graphic program of your choice.

As for subpatched geometry you need to freeze it first, will investigate this. Also it only exports the uv of a single object at the same time.
Unlike the lw version the command has been renamed to CopyUVClipboard to avoid confusion with modos own uv coping methods.

Please keep in mind that I’m still on shaky grounds on modo plugin development side. If you encounter any bugs,
don’t hesitate to mail me. Compiled with modo 902, there shouldn’t be a problem with 10 as far as tested

Donation welcome, I could have put this on gumroad, but I think you need some time first to get accustommed to the plugins workflow
to really apreciate it